Preventing Gum Disease

Preventing Gum Disease 

Without proactive treatment, gum disease can quickly compromise the health and function of a patient’s smile. While the condition is among the most common experienced by adults throughout the U.S., it is also easily prevented with just a few hygiene steps. To lower your risk of gum disease, consider adding the following steps into your daily hygiene routine:

Brush and Floss at Least Twice Daily

Good oral health starts with creating consistent habits. Over the course of the day, plaque builds up on teeth. Daily brushing and flossing, however, removes plaque on the teeth and at the gum line, lowering the risk tartar formation, which is a contributing factor in the development of gum disease. As much of teeth’s surface area is between neighboring teeth, flossing daily helps prevent bacteria from becoming trapped in crevices, lowering the risk of developing gingivitis and cavities. 

Invest in a Dental Pik

While daily brushing and flossing can help clean teeth, bacteria and plaque can still be trapped below the gum line. Our Lincoln Park dentists recommend incorporating a dental pik into your daily hygiene routine. Similar in shape to a toothbrush, dental piks have flexible rubber tips which are used to gently remove plaque trapped in the spaces between the teeth and below gums. When using a dental pik, be sure to be gentle yet thorough, cleaning around each tooth, including the molars. 

Minimize Risk Factors

Like any other condition, there are certain risk factors that may increase your likelihood of developing gum disease. In particular, smoking, diet, drinking, and poor oral hygiene can make patients much more susceptible to periodontal disease. Additionally, certain preexisting medical conditions, such as diabetes, can increase a patient’s chances of developing gum disease. As with any medical condition, be sure to speak with your primary care physician about taking steps to improve your overall health and thus lower your risk of periodontitis. 

Regularly Visit the Dentist

Biannual dental cleanings are an important part of maintaining oral hygiene and preventing gum disease. During these cleanings, our hygienists remove tartar that may have accumulated and evaluate pocket depth through periodontal chartings. These steps our dentists to monitor changes in gingival health and make proactive decisions concerning gum care.

At The Dental Clinic, we strive to educate patients on the importance of proactive gum care. Through our dedication to patient education and effective hygiene at home, Lincoln Park dentists Dr. Katie Shackleford, Dr. Kirsten Galayda, and Dr. Thomas Collins create a comprehensive dental experience. Contact our practice today to schedule your next cleaning.