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Achieving a healthy smile starts with learning the right hygiene skills early on. At The Dental Clinic, our Lincoln Park dental team is dedicated to ensuring every child has the right skills and treatments needed to ensure lasting oral health. From nutrition counseling to sealants and fluoride, our Lincoln Park, MI family dentists are here to help children keep their smiles healthy at every age. 

The Impact of Children’s Oral Health

Although primary teeth may be temporary, they significantly influence oral wellness as a patient loses their baby teeth and begins developing an adult dentition. Not only do the baby teeth save space for permanent teeth, they also impact the health of those teeth.

During childhood, the dental enamel of primary teeth is still hardening, leaving children particularly vulnerable to developing cavities and other oral health problems. Without a smile-friendly diet or effective oral hygiene routine, primary teeth can quickly become damaged, seriously compromising the health and function of the smile. In the long-run, such issues can have an impact on the development of permanent teeth, potentially requiring advanced restorative treatments in the future. 

Creating Healthy Smiles with Regular Visits

Regular dental appointments and cleanings starting around the age of two can help eliminate some of these risks. In addition to providing preventive dental treatments like sealants and fluoride rinses, our Lincoln Park dentists work with parents to provide suggestions and techniques for improving at-home oral hygiene. From the best ways to encourage daily brushing and flossing to diet counseling for a healthier smile, Dr. Katie Shackleford, and Dr. Kirsten Galayda work with parents and children alike to create lasting smiles. 

Routine dental visits also allow our dentists in Lincoln Park to closely monitor your child’s smile as they transition from baby teeth to an adult dentition. By using advanced technology to evaluate the development of your child’s dentition, our team at The Dental Clinic is able to determine whether advanced care such as orthodontics or wisdom teeth removal will be necessary in the future. 

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At The Dental Clinic, Drs. Shackleford and Galayda, and their entire team are committed to helping every patient achieve their healthiest smile yet. By using kid-friendly terminology and hands-on demonstrations, our Lincoln Park dentists help every child achieve optimal oral health as they lose baby teeth and develop an adult smile. To learn about our child-oriented services, contact The Dental Clinic in Lincoln Park today to schedule your child’s next dental visit.