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Dental Cleanings in Lincoln Park

While brushing and flossing your teeth at home are an important foundation for having a lifetime of quality oral health, it is also important to have your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Besides the aesthetic value of having a brighter and smoother smile, professional cleanings help prevent complications which can spiral into more serious oral troubles.

Why do your teeth need this kind of attention? Over time, we tend to build up a layer of plaque (a sticky and bacteria-rich film) and hard deposits (also known as tartar or calculus) which are very difficult to remove without the use of special tools. These deposits form the ideal conditions for bacteria to grow and multiple, and the longer these deposits are allowed to remain on the surface of your teeth and on or below your gum line, the greater likelihood exists for you to develop a more serious problem. This is due to some bacteria producing acids which can cause tooth decay and gum disease. 

At The Dental Clinic we ensure that you receive the best in dental cleanings throughout the Downriver community. Our cleanings are performed in conjunction with a thorough dental examination where we screen for potential complications and set you up for a more healthy smile. 

The Cleaning Process

Teeth Cleanings are often performed by a dental hygienist who uses a special set of tools to aid in cleaning your teeth. While we do tailor treatments for your smile based on your particular circumstances, most dental cleanings follow a similar process:

First, we will perform an oral examination to evaluate your overall oral health. We then begin the cleaning by using either an ultrasonic scaler with a tiny tip, allowing for vibrations to displace the collected deposits on your teeth. A constant stream of liquid (lavage) is applied during this process which serves to cool the tip, remove plaque, and wash away the debris.

Some hygienists prefer curettes, which are hand-held instruments which are curved and tapered to fit around and in between teeth. These hand-held instruments may be applied to those whose teeth are especially sensitive. Regardless of the process, we ensure that you are as comfortable as possible!

The end of the dental cleaning involves your teeth being polished with a low-speed rotary brush fitted with a soft rubber tip. A slightly gritty toothpaste-like gel is then applied which serves to make your smile smooth and shiny!

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The Dental Clinic has served quality dental cleanings to the Downriver community for over 55 years. If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any additional questions, please contact us at our Lincoln Park family dental practice today!